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We are so happy that you have taken this first step toward improving your health and your lifestyle. Do you find yourself interested in adding to your healthy lifestyle, or perhaps you are just starting on your journey toward feeling better? We started out significantly overweight and constantly exhausted with low energy. Realizing it was time for a big change we have found that doTerra Essential Oils and products have made major improvements in how we feel day to day.  And in feeling better, we are able to enjoy a higher level of participation in our lives. Also, some of the most common oils can help fight colds and flu, help to alleviate pain, help to balance hormones and improve digestion, help soothe sore muscles, and so many more applications for you and your family.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“I am so grateful for Guen and Donna introducing me to Doterra oils and products. Their extensive knowledge of herbal remedies enabled them to pinpoint exactly what I needed for the issues I have been dealing with.
Guen and Donna are the most caring people and are willing to take time to provide you with knowledge and products that will heal and enhance your life! Thank you both!”


“My daughter was coughing with phlegm for days. Like most kids, she always has difficulty falling sleep, and when she’s sick it gets even worst. Needless to say nobody in the house sleeps well when she’s having a cold.
Guen recommended the DoTerra diffuser and Serenity oil. I also gave her a drop of Breath on her palm and chest to help dicongestion. She woke up and coughed out the yucky stuff and felt much better. Now I use 2 drops of Serenity in her diffuser at night for help her fall asleep. Our bedtime battles have been reduced tremendously.
Thank you Guen!”


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