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Who we are & what we do

Our goal is to partner with you and guide you toward a healthier lifestyle. With the help of doTerra Essential Oils and products.

(What does that really mean?)

  • It means making  the decision to move forward in a positive way and to get really clear about what it is that you desire.
  • It means being open to change and new ways of looking at health, ideas, and products.
  • It means realizing and accepting that you are meant to be both physically and emotionally well so you can enjoy your life every day.

Sound amazing? While we can’t “fix” your problems, we will help you to think big, toward your ultimate goals. Then together we will form a plan of action that we can break down into small doable steps, leading you in the right direction toward your healthier life. Every one of us deserves to be happy. Sure, all of us have things we wish we had not done. But the great thing is that we can heal ourselves and step into the happiness that we deserve. One of our favorite quotes is by Robert Urich, “Healthy on the outside, starts on the inside.”

We want you to feel the improvements that we have felt, by helping you to be the best you can be in a natural way.

We really do feel that doTERRA Essential Oils and products may be your answer.

Plus, they can also be safely used for the rest of your family, including your children, and even your fur babies.

When we are not clicking away at our keyboards or talking to our partners about doTERRA, you can find us out in nature – swimming in the ocean, watching a magnificent sunrise, exercise walking, spending time with friends, and of course using our wonderful doTERRA oils at home. Are you ready to take that step toward a better happier healthier you? Wonderful! We are ready too! Send us an email. Check out our Facebook page. Call us. We want to help you get started. Let’s begin today!

Guen Page

Hi there, I am Guen and originally from California, USA.  I have multiple health issues and have found better health and healing through use of doTerra Essential Oils. I have been studying herbal health and natural healing for over 20 years. I feel doTerra Oils have made such a significant change in my health and I am so excited to be able to help you on your personal health journey. We made a move to Mexico last year. One of the main reasons was to improve our health and we have taken the first steps with exercise and nutrition. But something seemed to be holding us back a bit, then we discovered doTerra Essential Oils. Join us on our journey and lets work together to feel better every day. Living in Mexico I speak fluent Spanish and English.

Donna Knight

Hello! I am Donna and am from Missouri, USA. For years my health was slowly spiraling downward and at my age I became concerned about longevity with the imbalances in my life. We have both been walking and losing weight, but the exhaustion was still there especially because I am often unable to sleep. We discovered doTerra Essential Oils and began to feel better immediately. Today I have high energy, do not nap my afternoon away, and am once again excited about my life! Nothing compares to being able to be your best self. Come learn with me so we can walk you through the basics and we will always be here to support you with your journey. Oh and I’m working on my Spanish but seriously not there yet.

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