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DIY Mouthwash with Essential Oils




Often when we buy essential oils we think of things like perfume or body scrub or diffuser blends which are all awesome! But did you know you can also make your own mouthwash, free of alcohol and all the chemicals that in truth are bad for your teeth, instead you can add oils that actually help repair your gums and keep your mouth fr esh and clean. I started making my own mouthwash long before I got into doTERRA oils, but I have to tell you these oils have been a game changer! I LOVE the flavors, I need less and because they are therapeutic grade I don’t have to fear if I swallow a little accidentally.  So here is my Recipe for DIY mouth wash, have fun with it though use the oils that you like best.


DIY Mouthwash Recipe

 8 oz glass bottle amber is best
Funnel is helpful
2 Cups of Distilled or Bottled water
1 tsp Baking soda
¼ tsp sea salt I prefer Himalayan but you can choose any as long as it doesn’t have fluoride in it or isn’t iodized.
Add your 2 cups of water to your bottle
Add salt and Baking soda
Then add 10-15 drops of oil of your choice
I get bored with the same old same old so I mix it up sometimes.
The oils that are best for your teeth and gums are:
Tea Tree (Melaleuca)
Cinnamon (This oil is very hot so you need only use a couple drops maximum)
Myrrh is amazing for healing gums, the flavor is ok I never use it on it’s own I usally mix with Peppermint or cinnamon
Wild Orange
On Guard
The idea is you get to make a mouth wash that tastes good to you and has all the benefits of healing your teeth and gums.
Enjoy!! And let me know how it works for you down in the comments!


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