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D.I.Y Make-up Remover Pads & A Super Cool Aromatherapy Moon Sand

  Happy Holidays Everyone!   So this month I have decided to post two really useful D.I.Y. Recipes. These are awesome because after going to all the Holiday events you come home want to take off your makeup and you can do it for way less money and none of...

Holiday DIY Recipes

If you are like me and love to give and receive homemade gifts, I have a couple super fun recipes for you as well as super healthy for you and your friends and family.

For instance, So many people love Wax Melts and have the equipment to use them, however there are so many toxins in those little squares of yumminess, how about making your own so you can have a healthier version or get your friends using something less toxic in their homes? 

DIY Mouthwash Recipe that actually works and helps heal your Gums

DIY Mouthwash with Essential Oils       Often when we buy essential oils we think of things like perfume or body scrub or diffuser blends which are all awesome! But did you know you can also make your own mouthwash, free of alcohol and all the chemicals...